Parish Confirmation Programme

Every year young people from Year 8 and above join the parish Confirmation preparation programme which runs usually from Lent to Pentecost and is led by a team of 20 or more catechists. We are delighted to have recruited several young leaders from Years 11-13 who went through the programme themselves only recently: their input and enthusiasm has been invaluable. 

As well as broadening their faith we aim to help our young people grow in confidence so that they will be better equipped to share in Christ’s mission to bring love, justice and peace into the world.  But the Confirmation Programme is not an end in itself: it is one of the many steps on the road we all travel as Christians. 

Is Confirmation for me?
If you think that the Church is stuffy, or has little value in today’s world, or is just something for older people, then think again!

Our programme is lively and challenging, presented in lots of different styles: powerpoint; DVD; rock music; drama; role play; speakers; interactive prayer methods; and group discussion.

Drawing on a wide range of up-to-date resources, we have put together a programme to help you discover more about your faith.  We want you to be able to relate Church to your daily lives and see how your faith, and the way you approach it, is an essential part of your development as a young adult.  Being confirmed helps guide and shape relationships; decision-making; life-style choices and values. 

We hope that being confirmed will really change your life and help you see how your Christian faith has a positive impact on the way you think and act, enriching the way you relate to one another, to your families and to God.

Our young people are a very important part of the community of St Vincent’s and we value your contribution to parish life.

Our Retreat
During the programme as well as our weekly meetings we also have our own Retreat. This is an enjoyable and interactive spiritual experience that explores the different aspects of the Holy Spirit which are received at Confirmation.

Using eight mini-sessions or ‘zones’, some quiet and reflective; some interactive; some lively; some just plain silly (but with a meaningful message!) and employing many different techniques of presentation, our small groups engage in a series of short worship and reflection experiences that open up new ways of getting to know God.

Your comments - some feedback from previous candidates

Confirmation is… "getting closer to God", "making new friends", "meeting old friends", "having fun", "understanding the Holy Spirit more", "completing the Sacrament of Baptism", "confirming your baptismal vows", "making your own decisions concerning Church"

Some benefits… "it’s good to get to know other Catholics, especially if you go to a non-Catholic school", "it’s good to know there’s always the Sacrament of Reconciliation"

The Sessions… "got to know each other better, interesting, good fun, we laughed a lot", "friendly and welcoming", "bonded well", "made new friends", "we enjoyed discussing the topics", "not too heavy", "interesting, goes quickly, too short some complex ideas", "having missed The Bill, Football, Corrie and Enders and still liked the sessions is a minor miracle!"

The Reconciliation Service... "really enjoyed this – a good reminder of the things we need to work on", "very constructive', "could we do this in school?" "good to be forgiven", "good atmosphere", "priests good – friendly and approachable", "felt cleansed"

The Confirmation Mass… "a great experience, very spiritual", "good to celebrate together afterwards."

Comments… "each week a group does something", "it’s good you can’t pick your group", "would prefer longer sessions", "really liked it – would change nothing", "plan to keep in touch with others from the group", "looking forward to the Youth Drop-In and keeping friendships going".

We invite all young people who are in Year 8 to join the Confirmation preparation programme which begins in the Spring term.(If you are in year 9 or above and haven’t yet been confirmed don’t worry – one of our groups will be for older candidates). Meetings will be held in St. Vincent’s Infants School on Thursday evenings from 7.30 – 9 pm. Come and find out more about your faith and how to live it!

If you would like to join the programme, lookout for notices in the bulletin from September.


Anne decided to keep this set of banners because they were such good examples.
Understanding God's Will

The banners displayed on this page were created by confirmation candidates.

Next years candidates will hopefully create some more art for the website.
Be open to the gifts of the spirit