Parish of
St. Vincent de Paul
2 Bentinck Road
WA14 2BP

Tel: 0161 928 1689

Fax: 0161 929 8972

The parish of St Vincent’s began in 1847, when Father O'Reilly said mass in a house on George Street in Altrincham. The parish then moved to New Street, which is off Regent Road. In the 1850's, two cottages were bought and converted into a church and presbytery. A school was also added.

The Education Act of 1870 actually condemned the school on New Street. This led to the building of a new school on Hamon Road, in Altrincham. By the 1890's, the parish began to prepare for a new church, with Father William Stanley playing a key role. He secured the site on Groby Road, and the church was opened on October 1st 1905.
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