Where is the parish?
St Vincent’s Church is on 2 Bentinck Road, Altrincham,
Cheshire WA14 2BP

What denomination is St Vincent’s?
It is a Roman Catholic Church.

How long has the church been there?
The church opened on 1st October 1905.

I have recently moved into the parish and I would like a point of contact?
Contact the parish office on 0161 928 1689.

Who is the parish priest?
Canon John Rafferty is the parish priest.

And who are the other clergy?
The parish priest is assisted by Deacon John Penny.

When does Mass take place?
Sunday Mass is celebrated at 7pm at the Saturday vigil and on Sunday: 8.30am; 10.00am; 11.15am and 6.30pm.
Weekday Mass is celebrated each day Monday to Saturday at 12.15pm.
There is a Friday evening Mass at 7.30pm.

If I become involved in the church, do I need to give money.
No. A voluntary collection does take place during Mass, where the congregation have the option of making a contribution. The majority of contributions are small.

Does St Vincent’s have a relationship with any local schools?
The parish supports its voluntary aided school, St Vincent’s Primary School on Orchard Road. The Catholic ethos of the Roman Catholicism is of central importance to the schools. St Vincent’s clergy celebrate Mass at each school regularly.

Does the parish publish a news letter or any other material?
The parish publish The Vineyard magazine. The aim of the publication is to reflect parish life, and its content is mainly provided by parishioners. The bulletin, which is a weekly newsletter, is available at Mass on a Sunday. This website is also a useful source of information.

Are there any informal social events, where I can meet people after Mass?
Tea and coffee are usually served at our parish centre, Westleigh, after the 10am and 11.15am Masses.